Looking to create a Canine Rehab Business from scratch? Or perhaps, add canine rehab to your existing practice?  

Canine Rehab Business in a Box is just for you.

This ultimate online home study course contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of creating a Canine Rehab Business. Think of this guide as your key to creating a business of helping animals recover more quickly from injury, surgery or arthritis by offering canine rehabilitation in your practice.

Canine Rehab Business in a Box contains everything you could want to know about creating a canine rehab business from scratch from design to implementation.  This course has been compiled for many years and is finally available at the special price of only $997! 

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This course is for you if...

What some people are saying...

"Dr. Deb Gross provided a wonderful overview of how to think through a plan for success in your career in veterinary rehabilitation...her advice on preparing...were like promonitions.  I had few problems which I attribute to using the business of rehab as a foundation."  

"Deb's suggestions for structuring and marketing your rehab serices were well thought out and insightful, and directly applicable for specialty hospitals or general practices adding the service to the clinic or setting up an exclusively rehabilitation practice from scratch like me.  The time spent covering facility needs, space design, equipment and staffing considerations was quite valuable.  I eventually opened my 1st physical space in early 2013!"  - 
Tari Kern, DVM, CCRP

“Debbie was one of my first instructors when I decided to do canine rehab.  She inspired me to become certified, and afterwards, became my mentor when I finally decided to take the plunge and open my own rehab practice.  Debbie has helped me in so many ways that I will never be able to repay.”  - Dicki Kennedy, DVM

Here's what this course will teach you:

Module 1 – The Benefits of Rehab
- Provide you information on how to get you going and what to start thinking about
- Guide you through how to “sell” the benefits of rehab to your clients and referring veterinarians
- Show you how providing a rehab service will make you the hero to your clients AND increase your bottom line

Module 2 – Designing Your Facility
- Help you decide what facility design will work best for you
- Give you four designs to look at and apply to your own unique situation
- Tell you what you must know when designing your own facility

Module 3 – Rehab Equipment and Supplies
- Guide you on the absolute must-have rehab equipment to get started quickly
- What equipment you should buy and what you should lease
- Give you cost comparisons of equipment from different manufacturers

Module 4 – Business Equipment and Supplies
- Guide you on the essential business equipment you must have to start your business
- What professional consultants/staff members you must have to run your business more smoothly
- Guide you through all the computer software, accounting systems, legal documents, etc. you will need to start your business

Module 5 – Marketing Your Business
- Show you some marketing strategies of how to get clients through your doors
- How to capitalize on the internet and social media, showing you the latest marketing tactics used to capture clients and referring vets
- What direct mail and indirect mail campaigns or strategies work best

Module 6 – Staffing and Scheduling
- Decide who you need to hire to make your practice run smoothly
- Determine what the optimal hours for your rehab business are to maximize profits
- What combination of staff is needed to satisfy the demands of your clients and your referring vets

Module 7 – Pricing and Making a Profit
- Teach you how to package different services and modalities to maximize your return
- How to package your services to ensure appropriate compliance from the client that works best for their pet’s recovery
- We'll walk you through step-by-step how to maximally price your services and what packages you must be offering to build your business

BONUS Module – Ancillary Services
- Showing you what other services you can offer your clients and their pets to increase your business and your results
- How to manage outside consultants or incorporate them into your business
- Showing you how to treat the patient as a whole, making you the hero of your own practice and within your community

- Evaluation and Business Forms - Included with this course, you will receive 20+ forms for patient history, registration, lameness exam, veterinary referral, client consent, pain profiles, and much, much more! 

- You will also receive a Dr. Deb approved resource and vendors list, equipment checklist, access to Facebook group, all to get started on your Canine Rehab Business today!

Some frequently asked questions...

Is there anything inside the Canine Rehab Business in a Box course that I don’t already know, or that I couldn’t find online for free?
The business of canine rehab is fairly new and you will struggle to find good and pertinent information on the subject. We want our profession to grow and become widely recognized.  We want the industry of canine rehab to succeed so that our clients and their pets can benefit from our services. 

Is this program worth the money?
Let me ask you a question:  How valuable is your time?  This course can literally save you months to years of time researching and learning how to build a Canine Rehab Business.  It can also save you a lot of money by avoiding some of the costly mistakes that I have made.  From just one strategy applied from this course, you may be able to see a significant return on your investment. Plus, this course has a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.  You can't lose!
How long will this take?
This will only take you a few hours to get through from start to finish, and you can start applying some of the strategies from the first module.  Many of my students who have taken my courses have begun seeing an increase in their business almost immediately. 
Can I actually succeed at this?
Absolutely!  Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand through the process.  I am committed to seeing the industry of canine rehabilitation grow, to the point it becomes the norm…and expected from veterinarians and clients alike. 
As I always say, I believe every pet deserves the best quality of life for the longest time possible.  Collectively, as a group of concerned veterinarians and canine rehab practitioners, I believe we can accomplish this goal so more pets can live pain free and their owners can enjoy their companions for the longest time possible.

A Word From Your Instructor Dr. Debbie Gross

"Back in 1996, I started my own canine rehab practice.  Back then, no one even knew it existed for animals.  I struggled to get a consistent and quality stream of clients and referrals to my practice.  I had tried everything.  It was costing me a lot of money, that at the time I didn’t have, and it wasn’t really working.
Slowly, through trial and error, and after spending years researching and testing various systems and strategies with my own clinic, I was able to identify what worked and what didn’t.  I developed a course to help you build your Canine Rehab Business and increase your client base, ultimately selling more of your services and helping your patients. 
I use all of these strategies in my course to market my own services and get hundreds of new clients through my door each year.  I have taught hundreds of Canine Rehab Practitioners how to build their business and have consulted for some major canine rehab facilities."